Today is the day to look for salmon! Please report if you look.

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 in News, Project

Today is the day to look for salmon! Please report if you look.

Hi Salmon Watchers,

We counted 1000 Chinook salmon in the lower Eel River and those fish are now distributed throughout the Eel River system. Flows today are as low as they are going to get for a while (see NOAA chart below), so today is the day to check spawning riffles, holding pools and vantage points for viewing migration. If you want to be able to check river levels – see the cool NOAA River Forecast Center –

Please Report If You Look. Today we could really use information from:
Van Duzen – 1) Lower Little Butte – VD Riffles above & below mouth, 2) Bridgeville off the bridge, 3) Little Golden Gate, 4) Goat Rock Falls, 5) Rainbow Bridge, 6) Swimmers Delight, 7) Riverside Drive, 8) Shakefork, 9) mouth of Yager.
South Fork – 1) SF near Branscomb/Jack Hearts, 2) of Rattlesnake, 3) Big Bend Lodge, 4) Gomde – Cedar Creek, 5) Highway 1 Bridge, 6) Standish Hickey, 7) Piercy/Indian Cr, 8) Piercy – Green Bridge/Krishnayala, 9) Benbow, 10) Sproul/Tooby, 11) Phillipsville US Oman Creek Ten Mile Creek – 1) Lower TM Above Grub Creek, 2) Black Oak Ranch/mouth of Streeter, 3) Ten Mile at Branscomb Rd (Not Likely Yet) Upper Eel – Van Arsdale (Scott CDFW), 1) Main Eel at Emandal, 2) Hearst Bridge, 3) Hearst – Windswept Ranch riffle, 4) Pool at mouth of Outlet Creek (8Mi Bridge), 5) Spawning Hwy 162 – Outlet to Dos Rios, 6) Dos Rios Convergence Pool, 7) Riffle at Woodman, 8) Alderpoint, 9) Ft Seward.

Slap on some polarized sunglasses and take a peak, if you get a chance. Email ( or call me (223-7200) — or both, if you see fish. Soon there will be another wave of water and fish. Take pictures/video if you get a chance. I hope to join some of you in the field to photo and video document the 2016-2017 run.

More Later, P