The World Largest Salmon BBQ

cooking salmon at the worlds largest salmon bbqThe World Largest Salmon BBQ is held each year on the first Saturday in July.

All proceeds are used to improve salmon populations on the Northern California coast. Click to see Projects that have been funded by the Salmon Restoration Association.

BBQ Tickets are $33, available at the Harvest Market or Online (up until 5pm the Friday before the BBQ). Kids 12 and under $10. Or you can purchase your tickets online by clicking the button below. Admission is free. Come and listen to the music and enjoy the afternoon in Noyo Harbor.

BBQ Starts at 11am and goes to 6 pm. No dogs allowed in the dinning area.

See You There!!

The Mighty T Bones performing at the 2013 BBQ

A Letter from Frank Hartzell Sharing the History and Benefits of the Salmon BBQ...
By Frank Hartzell (

Eating that huge plate of salmon at the World’s Largest Salmon Barbecue is more than just delicious and a fun part of the Fort Bragg celebration of our nation’s most patriotic holiday. From its inception, the event has been designed to help bring back the salmon through the non-profit Salmon Restoration Association.

The SRA invites political and business leaders to be celebrity chefs each year as part of its educational efforts, an idea that has been part of the event since the 1970s. The money raised is used to fund actual restoration of legacy logging and development scarred streams and rivers, as well as community education. That fundraising has ranged from salmon hatcheries to training young prospective biologists. The SRA is always open to new ideas.

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